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Silhouette® by HunterDouglas®

A Room with a View

This is the Quartet® 4" Vane Size Shown.


CounterParts® system helps to coordinate the Silhouettes®  with the Luminette® Vertical Window Shadings.

Adeux® Silhouttes®

A Brand New Creation by the Innovation Experts at HunterDouglas® . Adeux® shown above, and to the right in a bedroom situation.

Adeux®  Silhouette in a Master Bedroom

This way, you don't have to have your Silhouette® be room darkening - you just have the black-out roller shade component behind to do the trick!

Three Inch Vanes vs.

Three Vane Sizes:

  • 2 Inch
  • 3 Inch
  • & 4 Inch

Two Inch Vanes...

Vane Opacities:

  • Close to a sheer even when closed.
  • Semi-Opaque - when closed
  • Room Darkening*- when closed

*Note: Room Darkening vs. Black-out. HunterDouglas® calls it this, for the vanes, even when closed, do not close tightly together to consider this type of treatment to be "black-out."  It just blocks a lot of light...

You see out during the Day, whilst from the outside, others' views are muted.  For total privacy at night, close the vanes...

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Hear is an example of open vs. closed vanes...

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