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At Apex Window Fashions our first priority is to listen to you. We pride ourselves in putting together our customers' many tastes and needs into a cohesive and tasteful representation of the real you.


Let us help you with your project expertly.


Seth will listen to you, and will explore every option in an effort to find the right solution for you with his 30+ years of window fashions expertise: He has been selling, measuring, installing, and repairing window fashions for over 30 years - all of those "I wish I would have done this, or I should have done thats" of past Apex Window Fashions clients have enabled Seth to create a system where he can help you find the perfect window coverings to fit your needs, style, and situation.

The Brief History of Apex Window Fashions

The History Of Apex Window Fashions:  My Grandpa Sam was an integral figure in my life and set me on my path of window coverings sales, installations, and repairs.  He started his journey emigrating from Eastern Europoe in 1920 at the age of 8 with his parents, and older brother.  They came across on the Aquatania, part of the Cunard Shipping Line which was one of the most popular ships used in the 1920's.  In the 1940's in New York City, he leared the furniture trade and became famous for that.  Later he started his own furniture store, and integrated the sales of window coverings.  For the last four years of his life, I had Grandpa Sam move in with me - he took care of me, and I took care of him on a daily basis. I learned much of my business accumen from him - he was the reason I started in 1988 and learned much until he passed in 1999.  This photo is of my gramma Jean and grampa Sam on their weddng day in 1939.  


I came to know of window coverings through grampa Sam in 1988 - I was visiting my grandparents that summer. I saw what he did, and said to myself, I can do this too!  He taught me all he knew over the phone and by fax machine.  I bought some sample books from Del Mar® Window Coverings and then upgraded my sampling to that of HunterDouglas®.  Knocking on new home's doors and asking, "Do you need an estimate for window coverings?" Was how I started, now I am so busy, that I don't have time to knock on doors anymore - I miss that...  


I have done as small of a job as one mini-blind in a small window, to a 5-story office building that had over 400 windows to cover all at one time!  


At Apex Window Fashions, we can do it all - Call me, Seth, at Apex Window Fashions for all of your window covering needs.

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