Semi-Opaque Fabric

Duo-Lite® / Sheer/Semi- OR Opaque fabric bottom

Vertiglide® and Top-Down/Bottoms-Up Operation


An Energy Efficient Choice.


lAvailable in four different pleat sizes in Architella® Style

3/8", 3/4", Double and Triple Honeycomb Cells


Four Opacities:

  • Semi-Opaque (lets in light)
  • Opaque (room darkening) Great Option
  • Semi-Sheer (various fabric weave densities)
  • Sheer (Usually used with Top-Down/Bottoms-Up Option)


Control Options:


  • EasyRise® is the most Heavy Duty (Stack at top & Top-Down/Bottoms-Up Option 
  • Ultra-Glide® Retractable Cord with Tassel
  • Simple-Lift® Battery Operated Wand system
  • LiteRise® Cordless lift (I don't recommend this option- ask why)...

           PowerView® Battery Opertated Lifting system:

  • WiFi Hub® with Smart-Speaker Controllable Capabilities
  • Remote Controls (Hand-held with many Color Combos, and wall mounting Option)
  • Battery Powered (AA, and C-Size)
  • Transformer Powered Option
  • Hard-Wired Option


Durable Enough for a Child’s Play Room

Applause® Honeycomb Shades come in a large variety of fabric styles and colors. 


Energy Efficient and Comes in Single, Double, And Triple Honeycomb Cell Styles

Applause® is the beginning price-point in the HunterDouglas® honeycomb product line. Durable, yet affordable.



An Energy Efficient Way to Cover A Slider


This Vertiglide® Shade System by HunterDouglas®, is compact and stacks on a one-way draw/stack to a width of Six Inches!


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