ROLLER SHADES - Tried and True

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All kinds of textures, colors, and patterns - a very versitile and fun option to choose to cover your windows...

Roller Shades have their Pros and Cons:



  • Can Be a Less Expensive Option
  • Almost Self-cleaning!
  • Many Levels of Opacity
  • Lots of Textures, Patterns & Colors
  • Manual or Motorized Lift Options
  • Lighter Weight to lift on a large window area
  • Fabric Covered Cassette Option
  • Can be a smaller foot print in window when rolled up



  • Large Light Gap on the sides
  • Provides NO insullation
  • The edges of fabric may bend inwards


  1. Continuous Cord Loop
  2. PowerView® by HunterDouglas® Battery Operated and potential computer controlled by using the optional 

There are several lifting systems - beaded chain, battery or hard-wired motorization, and some brands have cordless/mechanized systems

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