Vignette® by HunterDouglas®

Vignette® Modern Roman Shade by Hunter Douglas®

Horizontal and Vertical Applications for same fabrics


Many lifting options including:

  • Ultra-glide® pump rise, retractible cord
  • Easy-Rise® continous cord loop
  • LiteRise® cordless lift system
  • PowerView® Battery Operated
    • Battery Operated
    • 110v Plug in to outlet
    • Hard-wired - home automation
    • Gen2 Hub coming soon will allow control through Amazon® Echo® & AppleHome®

Vignette® Tiered (Stacks on itself) Top Down - Bottoms Up - Also available in Standard Vignette® with Cassette

Vignette® Tiered

When you want a Hunter Douglas® roman style shade to stack like a regular roman shade - get this one.

Beautiful Folds

Available with Standard Vignette® and VignetteTiered®

Vignette® 6" Flat Fabric Option

Only available in the Standard Cassette headrail option.  Semi-opaque, and Room Darkening.options too.

Standard Cassette with Top Down - Bottoms Up.

One thing to know about this option is that when the Bottoms-Up is deployed, it only stacks at the bottom of the window, until you lift it up and roll it back up in the Cassette.  Notice this in the above photo.


If you want to float the shade in the middle of the window - top open and bottom open too, then buy the Top Down - Bottoms Up version in the Vignette Tiered® (stacks on itself and does not roll up in a cassette.

Room Darkening Standard Vingette®

The reason why it is called "Room Darkening" and Not "Black-Out," is because the lining used for this product is not totally black-out.  Hunter Douglas® found that a totally black-out liner did not perform well in their testing when the shades are rolled up in the cassette and stacked on itself in the Tiered® option.

We love how Vignette® looks from the outside!

From the outside, during the day, and at night, the Vignette® looks kinda like siding slats... Also a very nice thing is that the cords are always hidden between the face-fabric and the lining.  Child

Safe, and animal friendly. 

EasyRise® by Hunter Douglas®

Available in Standard Cassette and Tiered stacking options. Continous Cord Loop gets attached to the side of the window to keep the loop from being a hazzard to children and pets.

Ultra-Glide® by Hunter Douglas®

Nice, clean, and functional!  Ultra-glide® is a retractible cord lift system created to be:


  • Neat and Tidy
  • Kid-Safe and Animal Friendly
  • Control Length is unlimited and odd lengths
  • Beautiful, color coordinated tassel

Vignette® Traverse® Vertical Drapery

Specialty Shapes are available too.

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