Various Openness Levels  

Lovely Views

Closed for Privacy

Closed Flat

Comes in four and five inch folds




Fully Opened


Pirouette® is a hybrid sheer/Roman Shade.  Each fabric flap retracts and expands to reveal the imbedded sheer behind.  The only way to activate the retraction/expansion is to fill the entire window opening with the shade.  Equal window heights, when side by side, are essential to create the same bottom flap height (ask Seth more about this).


  • Semi-Opaque and Opaque option
  • Larger light gaps on the side
  • Various Fabric Choices
  • 4” or  5” Fabric Flaps available

Control Options:


  • EasyRise® is the work-horse lift system here.
  • Ultra-Glide® Retractable Wand
  • Simple-Lift® Battery Operated Wand system
  • LiteRise® Cordless lift (I don't recommend this option- ask why)...

PowerView® Battery Opertated Lifting system:

  • (Hub®(Smart-Speaker Controllable
  • Remote Controls (Hand-held with many Color Combos, and wall mounted)
  • Battery Powered (AA, and C-Size)
  • Hard-Wired Option


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